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Dean Street Bespoke Mouldings, London

Dean Street Bespoke Mouldings, London

Dean Street Bespoke Mouldings, London

Plumstead Library, Plumstead High St.

Project Details

Location: London SE18 1JL


We were very luck to be involved in this exciting and interesting project.  Yet another scope of work that involved several areas of expertise,  through plaster restoration and stabilisation  and new lime plaster application to the manufacture and installation of new cornices to match exactly what the original would have been.

In order to identify the profiles, ornamentation and positioning of the original mouldings we were involved with the project from the very beginnings. This involved looking through the fire damaged shell of the building and the inspection of salvaged remnants of damaged architectural sections. Working with the architects and historical specialists we identifed the profiles involved and drew up the  proposed designs for Conservation and Heritage approval.

Once confirmation was received all moulds for the several Cornice designs were manufactured and the new cornices fitted throughout the building.

Due to the very high level of finish and the unique nature of this project all the ornamentation to the cornices were applied by hand so as to allow absolute setting out of the enrichment to all the mitres throughout the building.

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