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Lauriston Road, Hackney

Lauriston Road, Hackney

Lauriston Road, Hackney

Plumstead Library, Plumstead High St.

Project Details

Location: London SE18 1JL


The sand and cement external mouldings to this Victorian terraced house have certainly stood the test of time. However, 150 years of weathering, water and frost ingress, not to mention 2nd world war bombs, has taken a toll on the original materials.

The detail to the mouldings had been lost to the first and second floor window surrounds and pediments, the higher level cornice, quoins and string courses.

Our first job was to hack off and remove all the damaged and weathered sections to each of the mouldings.  Upon completion of the hacking off, any movement cracks discovered within the structure of the remaining sections were filled and made good, while at the same time the structural soundness of all these items was also surveyed and confirmed, with additional fixings being applied as required.

Impressions of all the original mouldings were taken, from which new moulds were manufactured, to match to the detail that would have been originally present when the façade was fitted as new.

All the new mouldings were cast in sand and cement and were designed to fit the required dimensions as dictated by site.  All site installation works are completed through a mixture of both chemical and mechanical fixing techniques, with all making good completed by hand.

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