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Earth Hackney – Village Underground

Earth Hackney – Village Underground

Earth Hackney – Village Underground

Plumstead Library, Plumstead High St.

Project Details

Location: London SE18 1JL


This former cinema, closed up and unmaintained since 1984, was subject to an exciting refurbishment undertaken by locally based company, Village Underground.

Heritage Plaster Services are pleased to have been involved in this process from the very beginning, liaising with Village Underground in the formation of the initial scope of works and methodology, through the completion of the works to the provision of the safety certification required for ceilings in such venues.

In order that this restoration could take place the initial works were to ensure the safety and stability of the glorious art deco fibrous ceiling that lies above the main auditorium.

Unfortunately, the lack of care and attention since 1984 had taken its toll on this ceiling, damage illustrated not only through the deterioration of the original plaster itself but also with the detritus of time and several generations of pigeons; as well as damage caused by misuse and trespass.
The first stage of the restoration was achieved via site re-securing works of various methods, that ensured the security and soundness of fixing. The second phase of plaster works were the in-situ repairs to the damaged and lost sections of the ceiling, completed from moulds manufactured to match to the existing details.

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