Corinthian Column


Columns and Capitals

Columns and Capitals, combined with the entablature, are the basis of the classical Orders. Architectural periods have provided many variations on these designs, but the [...]

2020-02-13 08:00:53 |
Classical Mouldings


Classical Moulding Sections

Classical mouldings are the separate members that compose architectural sections such as bases, capitals and cornices and can be straight or curved in profile. These [...]

2019-08-26 16:45:00 |
Floral Ornamentation - Lily on vine


Floral Ornamentation in Decorative Plaster

All periods of architectural history have used flowers as a popular decorative motif and tend to be combined with other motifs such as foliage and [...]

2019-04-04 12:42:38 |
Foliage Ornamentation in Plasterwork


Foliage Ornamentation in Decorative Plaster

Leaves, stems and other foliage have always been popular decorative motifs lending themselves to a wide range of possible uses. The broad, curly and scalloped [...]

2019-04-04 12:14:17 |
Georgian Period Cornice


Architecture & Plaster Design in the Georgian Period

The Georgian period saw the influence of Andrea Palladio within the architecture and detailing of many fine town and country houses. These Palladian values illustrated [...]

2019-04-04 11:27:57 |
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