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  1. Maison Colbert

    Maison Colbert

    Heritage Plaster Services supplied and installed a varied array of bespoke plaster mouldings to the interior, including the niches and alcoves, along with various panelled designs and the bespoke inner entrance way. As well as the interior works we also supplied and installed the large corbels to the exterior shopfronts. Profile: The site, in an...

  1. Pargetting: Not Just the Pretty Face of Plasterwork

    Pargetting: Not Just the Pretty Face of Plasterwork

    The Elizabethan poets Ben Jonson and Michael Drayton chose to use the word ‘pargetting’ to allude satirically to the white make-up popular during Elizabethan times, favoured by the Queen herself.  The comparison of the white coating of the face to the decorative plaster coating of a building was probably meant to poke fun at those women ...

  2. Ancient Fibrous Plaster

    If you have ever been to the British Museum, you will have seen the famous Egyptian galleries full of mummies (and children, and tourists).  If you have ever been to a West End theatre, you’ll have seen the elaborate, decorative ceilings.  You may not realise (and you may not care, in which case, stop reading) but these two London ...

  3. Cinema to Art Centre For Hackney

    Cinema to Art Centre For Hackney

    Tucked away behind a hair salon and a tattoo artist on Stoke Newington Road is the building set to become the Hackney Arts Centre later this year.  This former cinema, closed up and unmaintained since 1984, is having new life breathed into it through an exciting refurbishment being undertaken by locally based company, Village ...

  1. Heritage Plastering Restoration Works

    Heritage Plastering Restoration Works

    The trade of Fibrous Plastering encompasses several entirely different skills, each requiring knowledge of different methods and materials. These vary from mould manufacture and the making of precast plaster items through the renovation and paint removal to in-situ items, right to the use of traditional materials such as lime plaster or even Wattle...

  2. Traditional methods, timeless quality

    Traditional methods, timeless quality

    In these days of prefabricated pods, featureless steel frames and preponderance of car melting glazing it is possible to forget the attention to detail required within fine Period Architecture. Attention to detail has been both a qualification and signature for skilled Artisans of all trades for Centuries. A simple example of such detail being the...

  3. Traditional designs for authentic refurbishments in Kensington & Chelsea

    As the hottest days of the Summer seem to be over we at Heritage Plaster Services are presently rushing to complete the last of several external window pediment mouldings before the weather turns. In addition to the normal mix of Bespoke and Conservation works being carried out at the moment, it has been great to see two of our oldest designs, LFA...

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