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Chanel Knightsbridge

Chanel Knightsbridge

Chanel Knightsbridge

Plumstead Library, Plumstead High St.

Project Details

Location: London SE18 1JL


This project was undertaken as part of the internal and external refurbishment of the Chanel Boutique store situated on the corner of Draycott Avenue and Walton Street in the Knightsbridge area of London.
The existing external façade to the main shop frontage; two number doorways and adjoining black shop frontage were all removed and replaced with new sections cast in sand and cement. The details replaced included the lower level skirtings below the windows, these manufactured to allow for the changing dimensions caused by the slope of the street.  The intersections between the windows were fitted with precast pilasters decorated with sunken panels that finish to rounded plinths at the base level, and  into ornate corbels to the top, above the windows.

The bespoke nature of the design allowed us to incorporate the Chanel orchid logo within the modelling of the new corbels, both to the front and the side floral ornamentation. This same orchid was introduced to the corbels at the second entrance doorway, these corbels sitting beneath a new overdoor pediment and finishing onto flat, fluted pilasters.

The higher level cornice that runs between the windows is created in two sections to allow the new awning boxes to be incorporated into the profile, and therefore providing a space for the storage of the awnings when not in use. The internal finish to this being formed to provide a water run off and drainage away from the cornice should the awnings be re housed when wet.

Similar detailing though out the facade provided additional hidden drainage and electrical supply points to the external of the building.

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