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Pembridge Place, Notting Hill, London

Pembridge Place, Notting Hill, London

Pembridge Place, Notting Hill, London

Project Details

Location: Notting Hill, London


We were approached by the client who was concerned about the structural condition and safety of these recently installed external mouldings.

The first thing required was to complete a survey of these mouldings, including the higher and mid-level cornices and window architrave to first and second-floor windows.

This survey very quickly discovered the following items of concern:

  • The casts contained inadequate reinforcement fibres materials.
  • The design of the casts was incorrect, resulting in much excess weight per cast.
  • The casting process resulted in excess weight per cast
  • Inadequate fixings were used.
  • Incorrect fixings were used.

The integrity of these items singularly could cause future problems with the maintenance and safety of the casts, but when combined they resulted in a total failure of the entire installation which could have had catastrophic implications. It is only the fast action of the client that allowed safety measures to be implemented.

The scope of works for the project were:

  • Complete site survey and report
  • Carefully remove all the existing mouldings
  • to the weight of the casts and failure of the fixings great care had to be taken.
  • Manufacture a full set of moulds
  • Manufacture new casts in sand and cement.
  • Install all new casts correctly 
  • Install timber grounds and metalwork for weathering and lead work
  • Complete all weathering and making good insitu.
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