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Lime Plaster

Traditional Lime Plastering Services

Virtually all old buildings were constructed using lime, which was used in conjunction with many materials according to regional difference. Brick. Stone. Earth and timber-framed buildings all relied upon lime as a vital ingredient in mortar, render, plaster and decoration before the widespread use of cement and gypsum became more common from the mid-19th Century onwards.

Lime was slower to build with and required skill and patience from the builder, but produced durable, attractive and healthy results. Damp was allowed to evaporate away harmlessly, and the soft but tough materials worked in harmony with seasonal changes in humidity and temperature.

Regional variations forced through the availability or otherwise of materials when the original plaster was applied need to be taken into account when restoring lime plaster. We can analyse the original mortar to make sure that the nature of the finished job is as true as possible to the original work.

Lime plasters and washes shouldn’t be considered solely for historical buildings. As a material it can be more environmentally friendly than many modern products. Working with lime as a material is also comfortable, providing time for adjustment, alteration or change of mind.