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Hereford Square, London

Hereford Square, London

Hereford Square, London

Plumstead Library, Plumstead High St.

Project Details

Location: London SE18 1JL

Replication of Full Stucco Facade

The houses in Hereford Square were originally built on the Day estate between 1845 and 1850.
The architect, Thomas Holmes described them as being in an “Italian style of architecture”, and they are seen today as a fine example of Stucco fronted townhouses.

No’s 24, 25 and 26 were lost to bomb damage during the Second World War

In 1958 a five story residential apartment block was constructed on this bomb site that was designed and built by Colin St John Wilson. This block was well proportioned and the attention to design detail was highly acclaimed by many, and the building bears early witness to the skilful handling of space and light that was to remain a trademark trait of St John Wilson’s architecture. However, being a modern building in the otherwise intact stucco square and uncompromisingly not a stylistic match for its surrounding, this building was viewed with some controversy.

St John Wilson’s building was Grade 2 listed in 2007, but due to procedural error and private appeal this was delisted in 2008 – a decision not wholly well received!

As a result of this delisting the apartment block was demolished and three new townhouses built in its stead to replicate the stucco fronted townhouses of the original square.

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