Plaster Cornice & Coving Collection

Plain run plaster cornices by Heritage Plaster Services.

Plaster cornice was an important feature of 18th and 19th-century interiors and helped to disguise the structural joint between the wall and ceiling, and indeed it is still important today as a natural break between the ceiling and wall decoration.

Plain designs based upon typical mouldings such as Cyma Reversa, Cyma Recta, Ovolo, Torus and fillets, have been prevalent during these centuries. These mouldings often found alongside the classic entablature drip and throat originally incorporated to protect the external building fabric from the rain.

The depth and quantity of moulding varies through different architectural periods, with a general simplification meaning that Edwardian or Georgian plain run cornice design would be a finer and simpler profile than the heavier types preferred by the Victorians.

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