Plain Spun & Modern Ceiling Roses

Originally the decoration afforded to particular rooms was aligned to a hierarchy of importance.

The intention being to impress well to do guests and to show off the importance and success of the homeowner. It was therefore the main reception rooms that received the most lavish decoration, with the family rooms and bedrooms, which were out of sight, having a lower status of furnishing. Principle reception rooms being viewed as the most important and the servant’s quarters as the least.

This rather formulaic view of interior decoration no longer holds such sway, with the personal taste and wishes of the homeowner now being fully applicable, unless the property is required to adhere to Conservation or Heritage responsibilities.

Hence plain ceiling rose designs, such as those illustrated here, could now certainly be promoted to principal reception room status and would balance both plain run design cornices as well as more decorative period designs.

When deciding upon a ceiling rose design it is also important to consider the nature of light fitting or chandelier to be used. A plainer period style ceiling rose can assist in maintaining focus on such a detail, whereas more ornate ceiling roses can deflect attention away.

The more modern Roses as shown here can be seen to have an “art Deco” feel to them and would pleasantly complement more modern furnishing and light fittings.

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