Decorative Plaster Coving and Cornices

Heritage Plaster Services standard range of decorative plaster mouldings.

Our fine collections of plaster mouldings, as illustrated below, feature our standard range of fibrous plaster products.

These collections have been created over many years of working with wonderful architectural buildings, whether being manufactured to match existing designs or being handcrafted and modelled to create new bespoke ornamentation.

All the fibrous plaster cornices, covings and ceiling roses included within our plaster moulding collections, provide a wonderful range in order to help you to achieve your interior design project, whatever the scale or period of the building.

We can offer design, manufacture and installation advice for all plastering projects, whether these for conservation; restoration or simply enhancing the interior of your home.

Plaster Cornice Mouldings


Plaster Ceiling Roses


Plaster Cornice Mouldings

View our standard collections of decorative plaster cornice mouldings featuring plain run cornices, Classical cornice designs, Ornamental cornices, Victorian designed cornices and modern illuminated mouldings.

Plaster Ceiling Roses

Our Ceiling Rose collection features a wide variety of orante designs of small, medium and large plaster mouldings.